Year: 2010
Company: Campeggi
Designer: Giovanni Levanti


A seesaw, a graphic sign that softens into two seats at the ends. A balance game seesawing as the rhyme of its name: AEIOU.

022_2010_AEIOU_Campeggi_00_Fare differente_00093

022_2010_AEIOU_Campeggi_00_Fare differente_00094

022_2010_AEIOU_Campeggi_00_Fare differente_00095

022_2010_AEIOU_Campeggi_00_Fare differente_00096022_2010_AEIOU_Campeggi_00_Fare differente_00097

022_2010_AEIOU_Campeggi_00_Fare differente_00098

022_2010_AEIOU_Campeggi_00_Fare differente_00099

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