Year: 2009
Company: Campeggi
Designer: Giovanni Levanti


A  playful trophy instead of  a hunting one. A basket instead of a stuffed snout  with big horns.
Playing as a part of life.
A ball scores a basket.
Home as an area of free throwing.

019_2009_Cameo_Campeggi_00_Fare indisciplinato_00075

019_2009_Cameo_Campeggi_00_Fare indisciplinato_00076

019_2009_Cameo_Campeggi_00_Fare indisciplinato_00077

019_2009_Cameo_Campeggi_00_Fare indisciplinato_00078


019_2009_Cameo_Campeggi_00_Fare indisciplinato_00080


019_2009_Cameo_Campeggi_00_Fare indisciplinato_00082

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