Year: 1994
Company: Domodinamica
Designer: Giovanni Levanti


Cromatica  is a lamp whose light may be coloured or white. I still keep on using it with  pleasure. The idea is to change the atmosphere at home reinventing a simple gesture such as that of turning a page: let’s turn the page and suddenly  the walls of the room become coloured thanks to the light that is reflected off the sheets of paper of various colours, positioned as in a “chromatic score”. Halfway between a bookrest and a laboratory instrument Cromatica dates back to1994 and was born a few years before the spread of the blue LED light that would lead to the “synthetic” light stored by a remote control.

060_1994_Cromatica_Domodinamica_01_Fare semplice e denso

061_1994_Cromatica_Domodinamica_02_Fare semplice e denso

062_1994_Cromatica_Domodinamica_03_Fare semplice e denso

063_1994_Cromatica_Domodinamica_04_Fare semplice e denso

064_1994_Cromatica_Domodinamica_05_Fare semplice e denso

065_1994_Cromatica_Domodinamica_06_Fare semplice e denso

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