Italo e Grandeitalo

Italo e Grandeitalo

Year: 1999
Company: Marutomi
Designer: Giovanni Levanti


Marutomi is a Japanese company. Masanori Umeda, designer and art director, lived and worked in Italy for a long time. He decided to invite Italian designers for the second collection of tableware. Among them: Ettore Sottsass, Andrea Branzi, Denis Santachiara. My stackable trays Italo and Grandeitalo are first printed in recycled ABS and then painted. The originality of these trays is that they can stand, their form clearly communicates this possibility.

Design Plus Award 2000, Frankfurt Furniture Fair.

005_1999_Italo e Grandeitalo_Marutomi_00_Fare semplice e denso_00008

005_1999_Italo e Grandeitalo_Marutomi_00_Fare semplice e denso_00009

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