Year: 1989
Company: Campeggi
Designer: Giovanni Levanti


An opening as if it were a “book” allows the sofa to become a bed by lowering the backrest and thus skidding on the seat, exactly like two open pages. Matisse used a mechanism already known but with a little innovation: one of the four cushions – in different fabrics, textures and colours – has a tail that binds it to the frame and becomes, together with the arm, the peculiar headboard reminding one of a couple.

1989_Matisse_Giovanni Levanti_prod.Campeggi.1989

020_1989_Matisse_Campeggi_03_fare differente

019_1989_Matisse_Campeggi_02_fare differente

021_1989_Matisse_Campeggi_04_fare differente

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