O – by – O

O - by - O

Year: 2000
Company: Campeggi
Designer: Giovanni Levanti


A large unstructured cushion which acts as a backrest with two armrests.
It can be laid on a mat or hung on a metal support so as to leave the sofa or the bed ready to use.

Selected for XIX Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI 2001, Milan (Italy)

009_2000 (2001)_O-by_O_Campeggi_00_Fare indisciplinato_00026
009_2000 (2001)_O-by_O_Campeggi_00_Fare indisciplinato_00025
009_2000 (2001)_O-by_O_Campeggi_00_Fare indisciplinato_00027
009_2000 (2001)_O-by_O_Campeggi_00_Fare indisciplinato_00028

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