Year: 1986
Company: Self-production (Progetti,1991)
Designer: Giovanni Levanti


A fruit-bowl made from an inox steel plate shaped and bent lengthwise several times by a bending machine in order to end up with a long hollow.  This is one of my former projects  made for the exhibition Milanovendemoda (by C. Morozzi) in 1986. It’s a rigorous fruit bowl, characterized by a different way of being: rocking instead of still and where fruit is placed in an unexpected linear succession. Progetti produced a version without bendings  in two sizes both made from steel and copper. The name is an homage to Thelonious Monk’s unexpected music.

Design Collection at Galleria Civica d ‘Arte Moderna in Gallarate.

1986_Thelonious _Giovanni Levanti_Prototipo_1986_01_Fare differente

1986_Thelonious _Giovanni Levanti_Prototipo_1986_02_Fare differente

1986_Thelonious _Giovanni Levanti_Prototipo_1986_03_Fare differente

1986_Thelonious _Progetti_1991_04_Fare differente

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