Year: 1999
Company: Campeggi
Designer: Giovanni Levanti


It is not an armchair, not a sofa, not a bed, not a chaise-longue, not a carpet, but something which is all that: you may read on it, watch TV, meditate, work on the Ipad, do gymnastics, play with the kids, make love or sleep. It can take different positions.  Ambiguous upholstered item the Xito lies on the edges of different common types of household furnishings. Its peculiarity, I think, is not the union of different things but  something unique, recognizable and accomplished, open to a variety of possible uses. Proposed to Campeggi  in 1999 – and approved by Claudio Campeggi, owner and art director, well ahead of time – it is the first in a series of explorations on domestic comfort developed in later years.

Selected for XIX Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI 2001, Milan (Italy)
Permanent Collection of Italian Design at Triennale in Milan (Italy)
Design Collection at  Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Canada)
Design Collection at Fukui Design Centre in Fukui ( Japan).

008_1999_Xito_Campeggi_00_Fare indisciplinato_00021
008_1999_Xito_Campeggi_00_Fare indisciplinato_00022
008_1999_Xito_Campeggi_00_Fare indisciplinato_00023
008_1999_Xito_Campeggi_00_Fare indisciplinato_00024

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